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I'm Damian McArthur. Photographer, chef, alpinist, adventurer, dad.

I started my photography career way back in the film days as a surf photographer in New Zealand. My photos ended up in a few publications and photo sales helped fund further surfing adventures.

I eventually set the camera aside to pursue other interests however, when film and developing became more and more expensive. A friend had introduced me to mountain biking and it turned out I could ride a bike fairly competently. I shifted to France in 2001 to participate in the international racing scene. 

I stopped racing mountain bikes in 2008 (it really should have been 2006, but we won't go there), I picked up the camera again and began photographing within the mountain bike industry that I knew so well.


This eventually led to winter sports photography with various brands and athletes. Living in the mountains meant I never had a shortage of content.

From there it was a simple matter to start pointing my camera at other subjects.

Weddings quickly (and surprisingly) became a favourite genre of mine. Having the honour to document such a wonderful day in two peoples lives, surrounded by people they love, everyone looking their best and having fun. What's not to love about it!

Now, I am fortunate to have had my images feature in many publications, billboards, magazine covers and websites around the globe.

Feel free to contact me (I'm quite approachable) with any ideas or projects you may have.

I'm always happy to participate in your next adventure!



Yes, I made many poses in front of my camera as it took a photo every 2 seconds... I must have looked like a right tit if anyone was watching

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Damian McArthur

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